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Germany’s gas reservoirs are 100% full

Germany managed to fill its gas storage tanks to 100% before winter and continues to fill, how is that possible?

Not long ago we informed you that Germany was very successful in filling its gas storage tanks. Now Germany has managed to reach its target and fill its storage tanks to 100%. However, the gas storage is not over yet and the reservoirs continue to fill up.

How can they fill above 100%?

This is because the normal operating capacity is slightly lower than the actual maximum storage capacity and so to have as much storage as possible, they continue to fill.

So some storage facilities are already more than 100% full, whereas the largest storage facility in Rehden in Lower Saxony is currently 94.75% full, so it will continue to fill for some time.

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Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz has repeatedly stated that Germany is well prepared for winter. However, Economy Minister Robert Habeck points out that full storage tanks do not mean that Germany is secure for the winter. Habeck says that gas must continue to be saved for Germany to get through the winter safely.

German businesses, which are heavily dependent on gas, are also slowly preparing for possible winter shortages. For example, the carmaker Mercedes is stockpiling parts for its cars so that they will not be so limited by possible outages.

A new LNG import port has been also opened

Another positive news for the German energy sector is the successful opening of a new LNG import port. This is a big issue as Europe in general is struggling with insufficient terminal capacity to unload LNG carriers.

LNG imports are a good alternative to the gas Germany used to receive from Russia. This year we can see numerous ships bringing in LNG from the US and Norway, for example.

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Germany is trying to mitigate the effects of the energy crisis in every way possible and has even restarted old oil and coal-fired power stations while extending the life of its last 3 nuclear power stations.

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