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USD/CAD eyes 1.29 ahead of labor market combo

USD/CAD eyes 1.29 ahead of labor market combo

Volatility will certainly be elevated today as both the US and Canada will publish their jobs market numbers.

GBP/USD drops after dovish BoE decision

The Bank of England hiked rates to 1.75%, but the Pound declined anyways as the central bank indicated an incoming recession.

AUD/USD craters after RBA hikes rates

A 50 bps rate hike failed to spur any bullish momentum in the Australian dollar and it cratered instead.

EUR/USD advances despite miserable German data

This morning, German retail sales came in at the lowest level ever recorded, while the manufacturing PMI in the euro area remained in the contraction range.

The Turkish lira might be on the brink of collapse

The global meltdown is making it harder for Turkey to lower down their brutal 80% inflation and it may cause a collapse of their currency.

Is USD/RUB ready to skyrocket again?

The Russian war caused massive volatility in the USD/RUB currency pair, and it is likely to skyrocket again.

Is EUR/USD at the beginning of a giant uptrend?

Eurodollar fell to parity for the first time in 20 years. Fed and ECB are now on the mission to stabilize the economy.
AUD/USD Gains as Bears Take Profits

AUD/USD Gains as Bears Take Profits

The Australian dollar could be bottoming, likely leading to a notable rally as bears are taking profits from the recent decline.