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In the everchanging and fast paced world, it is getting increasingly important to always be one step ahead when it comes to information and its reliability. When it comes to financial markets, this is even more true, since this industry is extremely time sensitive to all possible news. Whether these are geopolitical news connected to conflicts in Middle East, decisions and actions of U.S. Fed or speech given by Russian president Vladimir Putin, it is always important to stay informed with reliable source of information that you can rely on.

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And that is exactly what our Newsletter offers. This is only one of our many different content pieces we offer to our readers, supporters, and members of our community for free, especially for those, whose time is precious and who are “always on a run,” weekly Investro Newsletter can provide crucial information about the most important topics of the recent days.

Moreover, since we understand the importance of all the information that should be wrapped up in only one piece of work, the Newsletter will be delivered to you by our Editor in Chief, to not only ensure the best quality of the work, but also highlighting of the most important information or facts that will keep you up to speed, with everything essential that happened in the markets. Additionally, Investro is a source of very unique content and analysis that is pretty difficult or even impossible to be received somewhere else. However, since we provide dozens of articles on a weekly basis, it might be difficult for you to keep up with all of them. That is why our Editor in Chief will bring to you what he considers to be the most important news and analysis of the past few days, with personal opinions on the topics as well as additional sources, statistics or data.

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Therefore, the Investro Newsletter not only sums up the most important events on the markets, but it also provides additional opportunities for you to learn more on the topics that you deemed desirable. This can later be used by our readers differently. First of all, it can serve as a free educational content on stock, commodities, forex or cryptocurrencies. Second of all, our analysts often bring you different outlooks on what levels are they following for different assets and therefore this information can be used for investing or trading, however, we do not provide them as financial advices, rather as interesting levels to look for. Third of all, Investro Newsletter will select additional content for you that has not been more closely specified in any of our articles, since we believe that staying well informed on what is happening in the markets is more important than trying to select which information should be provided. Therefore, Investro Newsletter provides a simple go-to place where all the necessary information will be collected for you.

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