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Podcast #4: How to trade earnings season with Andrew Aziz

#4: How to trade earnings season with Andrew Aziz

Earnings season is a huge part of stocks trading. How should the traders and investors look at it and who should try to trade the releases?

#3: Organizing Bitcoin-only conference with Jordan Walker

What it takes to organize a Bitcoin-only conference? And why should anyone consider attending such an event? Those, any many more questions will be answered in this episode of Investro Podcasts.

#2: What is the secret to trading with Tom Basso

Trading is a business and traders should treat it like one. What is the key to being successful trader and what should you always have in mind? Tom Basso will tell you in today's podcast.

#1: What is Investro with Marek Feder

In this first episode you will hear what is Investro, what are its aims and what does it offer to its subscribers.