• NFLX
    332.06 USD 2.63%
  • NVDA
    269.87 USD 2.17%
  • TSLA
    193.9 USD 2.48%
  • SP500
    4028.21 USD 1.42%
  • META
    205.37 USD 2.33%
  • MSFT
    280.54 USD 1.92%
  • BRKA
    462146.21 USD 0.68%
  • T
    19 USD 1.5%
  • ADBE
    379.2 USD 1.54%
  • MMM
    103.2 USD 1.43%
  • AMZN
    100.26 USD 3.1%
  • AAPL
    160.79 USD 1.98%

#2: What is the secret to trading with Tom Basso

Trading is a business and traders should treat it like one. What is the key to being successful trader and what should you always have in mind? Tom Basso will tell you in today's podcast.

In this episode, an elite trader and the Founder of EnjoyTheRide, Tom Basso, answers many different questions about trading including:

  • Why will coping strategies of other traders not lead to success?
  • Why is it important to be aware and how can anyone practice it?
  • What qualities does the Super Trader need to have?
  • Why to think about trading as a business?
  • How to always have a contingency plan? 

Let’s thus Enjoy The Ride together!

If you liked this podcast, make sure to watch also the first episode of Investro podcasts here.


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