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Gold’s volatility rises with tensions in Taiwan

Gold’s volatility rises with tensions in Taiwan

The price of gold is volatile thanks to the geopolitical tensions in Taiwan, the global economic slowdown, and the Fed's monetary policy.

World food prices gradually falling

World food prices fell by almost 9% in July. They showed the sharpest month-on-month decline in almost 14 years.

Big investments in China’s energy infrastructure

China's largest power company will soon begin construction of new long-distance transmission lines worth $22 billion.

Venezuela’s oil export drops by almost 30%

Compared to June, Venezuela's exports fell by almost 30% in July. This is mainly due to power outages and lack of investment.

Farmers in India switch to planting oil palms

These are mainly farmers in the Telangana region, where the state wants to give a major boost to oil palm planting.

Big pressure on oil prices with OPEC on Wednesday

Significant pressure on production numbers can spark a turbulent week for crude oil. All eyes are on the OPEC+ meeting on Wednesday.

Are oil and gas in a tricky position?

Oil and gas prices skyrocketed in the last two years, but now they show signs of a potential reversal downwards amid the OPEC meeting.
Russia has stopped gas supplies to Latvia

Russia has stopped gas supplies to Latvia

Russia's Gazprom has halted gas supplies to Latvia amid allegations of violations of supply conditions. Latvia is not worried about this move.