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First crypto regulatory framework by EU is approved – what is MiCA?

The EU passes the first laws to regulate cryptocurrencies with MiCA. Rules aim to protect investors, limit stablecoin volume and privacy.
EUR/USD approaches 1-mth highs amid USD weakness

EUR/USD approaches 1-mth highs amid USD weakness

Today's trading could be less volatile as market players might stay on the sidelines ahead of tomorrow's Fed decision.

EUR/JPY forms a massive falling wedge pattern

The technical formation could send the euro sharply higher as investors price in more ECB rate hikes.

Europe announces another interesting hydrogen project

Spain, Portugal and France have agreed to build a pipeline to transport so-called green hydrogen from Barcelona to Marseille.

Italy plans 50% windfall tax for energy firms

Italy plans to impose a one-off windfall tax of 50% on the extraordinary income of its energy companies in 2023.

Why is wind energy in Europe in such trouble?

Europe is in an energy crisis and although we are seeing big growth in solar energy, wind energy is not doing so well. Why is that?

ECB pulls up to €300 billion out of the eurozone

The money will come from banks in the eurozone as part of the repayment of a long-standing loan. This is an effort to fight inflation.

Will trade conditions between Germany and China tighten?

The German side wants to develop a new trade strategy towards China. The aim will be to reduce dependence on the Asian giant.

Does Europe have more oil than it needs?

It is possible that we have reached a point where European refineries now have more oil than they need. This is due to fear of shortages.

Climate disasters – Will a special fund be set up for them?

It looks like the European Union's proposal to address the funding situation for countries affected by climate disasters could pass.

EU could ban privacy crypto coins under new laws

New laws from the European Union could focus solely on privacy coins such as Monero, Zcash, Dash or Secret.

Germany’s gas reservoirs are 100% full

Germany managed to fill its gas storage tanks to 100% before winter and continues to fill, how is that possible?