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Saylor to speak at Europe’s largest Bitcoin conference BTC Prague

The biggest Bitcoin conference in Europe is right around the corner. Why should all European Bitcoiners come to BTC Prague?

Get ready for Michael Saylor

Over 80 exhibiting companies, 130 speakers from all over the world, including one of the most famous figures of the bitcoin world, Michael J. Saylor, three days of lectures, workshops and 10 thousand visitors. At the beginning of June, Prague will host the first edition of BTC Prague, the largest and most important event in Europe focused solely on the most popular cryptocurrency – Bitcoin.

Michael J. Saylor is among the most influential Bitcoin maximalists and key figures in the crypto world. He founded the company MicroStrategy, which regularly buys bitcoins as part of its corporate assets and with 132,000 bitcoins, the richest cryptocurrency company in the world, and will now speak in Europe for the first time. This will happen during the BTC Prague conference, the Bitcoin event of the year, which will take place from June 8th to 10th at the PVA Letňany exhibition center in Prague.

“Michael has an excellent reputation and strong and consistent views that carry significant weight in the Bitcoin community, and he is also a person who opened the doors to Bitcoin adoption by traditional companies. That is why I am glad that we managed to persuade him to speak for the first time in Europe at our event,” says Martin Kuchař, one of the organizers of BTC Prague.

Kuchař also added that they are currently expecting over 10,000 attendees, making BTC Prague not only one of the biggest conferences in Czech Republic, but also in Europe as such. 

Plethora of Bitcoin influencers

In addition to Saylor, a number of other influential personalities in the Bitcoin world, including Blockstream CEO Dr. Adam Back, SatoshiLabs co-founder Marek Palatinus, and Robert Breedlove, author of the popular “What is Money?podcast, have accepted invitations to Europe’s largest exclusively Bitcoin-focused conference. The bi-lingual Czech-English program promises to offer a wealth of stimulating ideas for entrepreneurs, researchers, influencers, philosophers, developers, and advocates of freedom throughout the course of the three-day event.

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Running parallel to the program on stage, the expo will also take place, showcasing over 100 companies focused on building Bitcoin infrastructure. These include providers of hardware and software wallets, mining tools, exchanges, or even beer taps connected to the Lightning Network. Among the exhibitors there will be one exclusive guest – El Salvador.

The Central American country, which made history two years ago as the first in the world to make Bitcoin the official national currency, is sending a government delegation to Prague to share their experience and review the implications of their groundbreaking decision at  the crypto event of the year.

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The BTC Prague organizers aim to appeal not only to seasoned Bitcoin enthusiasts but also to those who have some knowledge of Bitcoin yet are not fully immersed in it. Their ambition is to guide these individuals through the entire Bitcoin journey.

“In the current complex economic situation, when we all feel the effects of inflation, uncertainties surrounding the stability of banks or high interest rates, Bitcoin is proving to be a kind of lifeboat. It is certainly riskier today not to have it than to have it. Therefore, we want to focus heavily on newcomers, to make it easier for them to enter the Bitcoin world and practically show them how to do it,” says Martin Kuchař.

Experienced team of organizers

Martin, a significant figure in the domestic Bitcoin scene, along with his brother Matyas, has been instrumental in organizing four successful annual Bitcoin events known as ChainCamp. These events attract over 2,000 enthusiasts each year in Ostrava. Moving to Prague and significantly expanding the scale of the entire event is a logical culmination of both brothers’ journey, or rather the growing popularity of Bitcoin.

The fact that the largest and most significant Bitcoin conference will take place in Prague is symbolic, as Martin Kuchar says, the Czech Republic is the “Bitcoin Valley” of the crypto world and Prague could boldly be called the world capital of Bitcoin, because a number of revolutionary projects that played a key role in the adoption of the world’s largest cryptocurrency were created in the Czech Republic. We can name, for example, the hardware wallet Trezor from SatoshiLabs or the first mining pool from Braiins, or bitcoin ATMs from General Bytes. “I see BTC Prague as another Czech project that confirms the importance of the Czech Republic for Bitcoin,” adds Martin Kuchar.

Marek is a cryptocurrency enthusiast with several years worth of experience in the industry, who has recently completely focused his time and energy on Bitcoin. As a Head of Conte...


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