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Most important Bitcoin-related announcements from BTCPrague

The biggest Bitcoin conference in Europe is over and here is a short list of the most important announcements that came to light during the event.

Saylor to speak at Europe’s largest Bitcoin conference BTC Prague

The biggest Bitcoin conference in Europe is right around the corner. Why should all European Bitcoiners come to BTC Prague?

This memecoin jumped 100x in one day after Elon Musk’s tweet

Pepe memecoin has a new competitor as "LADYS" jumped to a $130 million market cap in a single day because of Elon Musk.

BRICS is expanding – 19 countries are eager to join the “new G7”

Since the BRICS has become more influential and hopes to compete with the US dollar, many countries have expressed interest in joining the group.

BlackRock’s assets are expected to rise to $15 trillion in 5 years

Morgan Stanley analysts estimate that certain investment products will help BlackRock grow to $15 trillion AUM in 5 years.

People disagree with SEC’s anti-crypto stance: Change is coming

The battle between crypto and regulators heats up as several people voice their opinion against Gary Gensler's anti-crypto agenda.

Elon Musk rebrands Twitter to X Corp, creating ‘everything app’

Elon Musk has greater plans for Twitter than just being a social media company. His passion for the letter X continues.

Story of Charlie Javice or how to steal $175 million from JP Morgan

Former Frank CEO artificially inflated the numbers of customers and sold the business to JP Morgan. The bank now regrets the purchase.
Ethereum aims $2,000 amid Shanghai upgrade

Ethereum aims $2,000 amid Shanghai upgrade

Investors worry that the Shanghai upgrade will cause a selloff as billions of dollars' worth of ETH will be unstaked.

Bloomberg joins the AI race: Welcome BloombergGPT

Bloomberg announced the launch of BloombergGPT, which is a 50 billion-parameter big language model for the financial industry.

BRICS to create their own currency – get ready for a new age

BRICS is developing a new currency. August's summit may bring a turning point, as several nations want to decrease their reliance on the US dollar.

Midjourney V5 is out – how to make top quality pictures thanks to AI

Midjourney is one of the most popular text-to-image generators and has just released a newer version V5. Its users are astonished.