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The best Bitcoin conferences to visit in 2023

Are you interested in Bitcoin, but don't know where to start? Do you want to meet likeminded people? Then go and visit a Bitcoin-only conference in 2023.

Crypto took a big hit in 2022. While the media like to call Bitcoin dead, there are several companies organizing Bitcoin conferences throughout the whole world. This article will cover eight best BTC conferences you could visit in 2023. The best part is, you can buy the tickets with Bitcoin as well as with dollars. 

1. BTC 2023 Miami

BTC Miami is one of the most popular Bitcoin events in the world, organized by Bitcoin Magazine. Their event will take place between the 18th of May and the 20th of May of 2023 in the US, Miami. 

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The conference calls itself “the largest gathering of bitcoiners,” with the most interesting guests. In 2023, they plan to host Michael Saylor, the CEO of MicroStrategy, Lyn Alden, the founder of Lyn Alden Investment Strategy, Bitcoin Matt Odell, and countless others. 

2. BTC Prague

BTC Prague is a new Bitcoin conference in Europe, which will take place in the Czech Republic’s capital city, Prague. Their event in 2023 will start on June 10th and will finish on June 12th, at PVA Expo Prague.

“Bitcoin connects creative and independent people. Bitcoin communities are growing up in Europe and many great projects are being created. At BTC Prague, we’ll bridge the language barriers between these communities and peek behind the curtain of each country,” stated BTC Prague website. 

BTC Prague will feature very interesting guests who educate others about Bitcoin, including Stephan Livera, Knut Svanholm, Roman Reher, Giacomo Zucco, and many others. 

3. Adopting Bitcoin

The crypto community knows El Salvador is one of the early countries to adopt Bitcoin. They hosted a Bitcoin conference in 2022, called “Adopting Bitcoin,” and they will also host one in 2023 on November 7th. It’s also called “a Lightning Summit in El Salvador,” and will feature tens of speakers.

“Salvadorans went from 70% unbanked to having the option of using Bitcoin as money. This novel situation comes with both, the challenge to onboard users, and the opportunity to learn from them for the benefit of the entire ecosystem” the website states. 

4. Baltic Honey Badger 

Baltic Honey Badger is a Bitcoin-only conference taking place in Riga, Latvia. It had the most prominent speakers and individuals involved in Bitcoin in the past years, including Samson Mow, Jimmy Song, Aleks Svetski etc.

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There hasn’t been a mention of the event for the next year, so make sure to check their website later on. Riga Bitcoin Week happened in 2022 and delivered “a week of high-quality educational content delivered by the top industry players.” Stay tuned for the next one in 2023. 

5. Africa Bitcoin Conference

Africa is also interested in Bitcoin, and the most prominent Bitcoin event will likely happen in Ghana. It even invited some very famous personalities from this space like Jack Dorsey. Watch their recap for 2022 above to see more.

The upcoming event for 2023 is already in progress, and they’re looking for sponsors and speakers. However, no further details have been disclosed so far, so get back later to see more information. 

6. Bitcoin UK Conference

Are you from the UK or want to visit the UK? Bitcoin Collective might be the way to go with their Bitcoin UK Conference. It’s a Bitcoin-only conference that took place in Edinburgh in October of 2022. Bitcoin Collective plans to host its next conference in 2023 in London. 

There are no specific details for the next conference, so just go to their website and sign up to their email list to be among the first ones to get the heads up.

7. Pacific Bitcoin

The Pacific Bitcoin Conference describes its event as “a two-day experience leading the way to a bright, orange future.” It’s hands down one of the most interesting Bitcoin-only conferences, hosting speakers like Michael Saylor, Yan Pritzker, Alex Epstein, Lyn Alden, and more. 

It’s sponsored by Bitcoin Magazine and many other prominent companies in the industry. The Pacific Bitcoin Conference will be hosted in California, at Santa Monica’s Barker Hangar. Reservations are already open, so just head to their website. 

8. BitBlockBoom

Are you a Bitcoin maximalist? This event might be for you if you’re from the US. BitBlockBoom is a true Bitcoin conference running for more than six years with a lot of interesting content. 

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The next conference will take place between August 24th and 27th, 2023. It will be a great opportunity to network with Bitcoiners from Austin, Texas. Their website states “we talk about Bitcoin, Bitcoin, and more Bitcoin.”


No matter where you live, there is always some Bitcoin conference close to you each year. One weekend at a Bitcoin event like this could give you some serious insights into the space and help you meet a lot of interesting people. Consider it and have fun! 

I got into financial markets by accident in 2012 and started with Forex trading. Later in 2017, I started investing in stocks in cryptocurrencies and began writing articles profess...


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