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Russia is one of the most influential countries in the world. Its impact can be heavily seen also in the financial and investment world, which is why the most important news related to Russia are always reported by us.
LNG keeps moving sideways – will it sink below $2?

LNG keeps moving sideways – will it sink below $2?

LNG keeps a steady range and moves mostly sideways. Will we see new price movers affecting the LNG market this year?

Oil stays up as China celebrates a week of the Lunar New Year

It is China's vacation week, therefore the rest of the world is trading oil mostly blindfolded. But no news equals good news.
Russia blocks $488 million worth of Linde assets

Russia blocks $488 million worth of Linde assets

Another massive business toll tied to the recent wave of G7 sanctions on Russia.

Russia to revive car production after 20 years

Russia has started producing the legendary Moskvich cars from the Soviet era. Production is underway at the former Renault factory.

Poland and Germany nationalize Gazprom’s domestic assets

Both European countries will nationalize Russian Gazprom's assets on their territory. Is this a step towards better security?

India increases oil imports from Iran and Russia

India is trying to diversify its oil suppliers more. The country is looking for cheap suppliers and doesn't care who they are.

Russia does not change its key interest rate

Russia's central bank left its key interest rate unchanged, halting a downward trend. However, inflation is still quite high.

The world is hit by the first truly global energy crisis

This sentence was stated by the Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA). Is this really the case?
US considering restrictions on Russian aluminum imports

US considering restrictions on Russian aluminum imports

As part of a possible response to Russia's actions in Ukraine, the US is considering restricting imports of Russian aluminum.

Ukrainian economy down about 30%

Of course, the fall is mainly due to the Russian invasion. But also worse harvests and problems with the nuclear power plant.

Zaporizhzhia power plant must run on diesel generators

The 6 reactors at this large Ukrainian power plant have been decommissioned, but still need electricity for cooling. Now they have to supply from generators.

Will gas make Russia and Pakistan allies?

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about what allies Russia has after invading Ukraine, when Europe and the US turned away from it.