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Investro Tea: Week #27

Billionaires are leaving for retirement, price of oil is rising and crypto is stagnating. Let´s look at the most important information from the past week.

Jeff Bezos has officially stepped down from his position as CEO of Amazon. He decided to do so at the age of 57, with overall net worth exceeding 200 billion dollars. Just recently he bought a new yacht for approximately 500 million dollars. His new plans now are to concentrate on Blue Origins, which should soon launch to space. Therefore, his free time is probably going to be very interesting combination of relax and work on new projects.

Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin Jeff Bezos ends as a CEO of Amazon and is now planning to go to space, Source: Blue Origin

However, Richard Branson decided, that the attempt by Bezos to fly to space, will be put into the shadow of his own flight. Branson decided to fly to space with his company Virgin Galactic 9 days before Bezos. The date is now set for 11th of July. In previous Investro Tea we mentioned that there seems to be a new "space-flights-war" that is ongoing between the billionaires, and it seems like we were right.

Yet, not everyone can afford to fly to space. Ordinary people in USA are having problems with simple driving, since the prices of crude oil are getting more expensive. The prices of the crude oil are on its 6-year highs. Since these are pretty important news, our analysts have decided to look more closely on what is happening with crude oil in this analysis .

Since we mentioned both, flying and driving, look at this news coming from Slovakia , where we witnessed first intercity flight of a car. Do you think that flying cars are the future?


As always, we have spend considerable time on cryptocurrencies as well this week. For instance, we have informed about CoinMarektCap, which now allows for cryptocurrency trading directly on its platform thanks to the partnership with a decentralized exchange Uniswap.

On the other hand, less optimistic news were seen by Binance, which is now facing problems from regulators all over the world. The approach of this exchange to these problems was summarised in this article .


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