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Technical Analysis of Tesla, Apple, and Facebook shares

Are shares of Tesla, Facebook, and Apple on the verge of reaching new highs? Today we will look at these 3 technological giants, which I have been watching for quite some time.


Tesla was keeping it quiet for a few weeks now. That is maybe the reason why the chart went sideways as growth is usually connected with hyped news or overall humbug. Despite the fact that, in my opinion, Tesla’s stocks are still very significantly overpriced, it looks like they will probably reach a new maximum. After a long time, the price has overcome the triangle pattern, and currently, it is starting to grow below the trend line. Now Tesla would need to beat the previous HIGH at $ 769. However, as long as we keep the dashed trend, we might get to the new high soon.

Technical analysis of Tesla's stocks Figure 1: Tesla shares on 1D time frame


With Facebook, it is a different story. Its shares have been growing smoothly for several weeks and gave us a new maximum recently. In terms of technical analysis, the price has reached a conservative target of $ 365, in my opinion. However, Facebook stocks price is still following the trend line and overall it is still following the rising trend, so there is currently no reason for it to change. However, if change were to come, it would have happened only in case that Facebook fell through the trend and created a lower low. Until then, the price will continue to adhere to the new ATH.

Technical analysis of Facebook stocks Figure 2: Facebook shares on 1D time frame


The most valuable company in the world is also at its maximum and according to the chart, it looks like a new maximum will soon follow. If we take a closer look at the chart, we can see that Apple is currently in the triangle on the 4H chart. Therefore, I would expect a final break of $ 155 per share.

The price of Apple stocks went sideways as well, but then it created a channel that was subsequently broken without any difficulties. A mentioned breakthrough was absolutely crucial because if the price had not broken through, we would still be talking about a corrective structure. However, it was this breakthrough that caused the growth to continue, so it is very likely that if the price of Apple stocks breaks the triangle to 4H, it will go up again.

Technical analysis of Apple stocks Figure 3: Apple shares on 1D time frame

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