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TOP 3 crypto savings accounts to compound your crypto investment

Don't let your crypto sit in a wallet; put it to work thanks to crypto savings accounts, where users earn interest on their portfolio.

CFTC is coming after Binance – should you be worried about next FTX?

CTFC filed a complaint against Binance and its CEO with the goal of inducing regulators to shut down the crypto exchange.

Forbes compares Binance to FTX – CEO of Binance is not having it

Binance is attacked by media giant Forbes, claiming it is shuffling customers' funds. CZ expressed his opinions in a Twitter thread.

US regulator has new crypto victim – $16 billion stablecoin in trouble

NYDFS ordered Paxos to stop minting new BUSD. As a result, Binance will be looking for other options in the near future.

Kevin O’Leary blames the FTX collapse on Binance

The hearing regarding FTX got intense as Kevin O'Leary attacked Binance, claiming it put the bankrupt crypto exchange out of business.

Crypto outflows from exchanges continue, Binance suffers

Binance users withdrew billions of dollars' worth of crypto in fear of losing money, as it happened to FTX clients. Is Binance in trouble?

$25 million stolen in yet another crypto hack

Two cryptocurrencies were hacked on Friday, resulting in a multi-million dollar loss. Some funds have been frozen by the Binance CEO.

Kraken and others join the “proof-of-reserves” run

As the crypto industry struggles, big crypto exchanges decided to prove their trust through audited proof of reserves and liabilities.

Binance wants to invest up to billion dollars this year

Even the bear market is not an obstacle for one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, which continues to strengthen its infrastructure.

Crypto outlook: Ripple, Binance Coin and Ravencoin

Volatile cryptocurrency markets made new opportunities available for traders. So where are Ripple, Binance Coin and Ravencoin headed?
Crypto news summary: FTX, Binance and Mastercard

Crypto news summary: FTX, Binance and Mastercard

Cryptocurrencies continue to tumble, but there are some companies that are using this recession period to build a better future.
Cryptocurrency exchanges are fighting a crucial legal battle Audio article

Cryptocurrency exchanges are fighting a crucial legal battle

The cryptocurrency sector representatives and exchanges ask for a clearly defined legal framework to follow.