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How Riku Tazumi became the youngest Japanese billionaire?

Riku Tazumi is the founder of Anycolor, a company that went public this year and delivered massive gains on the Japanese stock exchange.

Honda has to cut production due to chip shortage

Honda has to cut production by 40% at one factory and 30% at another. This is primarily due to a shortage of chips.

How are central banks behaving now?

Central banks around the world are now announcing the results of their meetings. There were surprises in Switzerland, for example.

Japan returns to nuclear power

Japan has turned away from nuclear power after the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster. But now it is returning to it again.

SoftBank reported the biggest loss in its history

SoftBank reported a loss of $24.5 billion for the last quarter. This was mainly due to market conditions and rising interest rates.

The Russian economy is facing a massive downturn

Russia's economy could shrink by 10 percent this year, the biggest drop in gross domestic product since 1994.