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Can Victoria VR pump?

During the today´s crypto analysis we will look at very specific altcoin named Victoria VR. This altcoin has fundaments and technical side looking very solid for the next upward move.

Huge event in Paris

Victoria VR has a huge event in the Paris that is occurring just now. This event is expected to bring new announcements and introduce new timeline and plans for the future of the project and Metaverse. That is why I tend to think that this coin can move upwards in the coming 24 hours. Let´s see how this translate into the chart.

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What about the daily chart?

Looking at the daily chart, we can see that this coin has retraced almost 70 % from its ATH, but this is very common for almost all Metaverse coins and tokens for the past two months. Nevertheless, the past few days we have not seen that much of a downward movement, but more of a sideways move.

Moreover, the volumes are increasing as well and the chart is testing the MA 21 at the daily chart. Thus, we can clearly see that there is something happening in the chart, which can be even better portrayed on the 4H chart.

TradingView Chart

1D chart of Victoria VR, Source: Author´s analysis,

4H chart seems optimistic

The 4H chart seems a bit more positive. The movement looks like traditional cup and handle structure, where the first upward move can come in the coming days. The volumes are looking good as well. At this chart and time frame we have even moved over MA 21 and the only thing that we need to be watching at this chart is the previous high at the value 0.159 USDT. If Victoria VR breaks this level in the coming hours, we can be witnessing pretty decent upward movement.

All of this information is very visible when you are looking at the 4H chart.

TradingView Chart

4H chart of the Victoria VR, Source: Author´s analysis,


It is probable, not certain, that Victoria VR can be ready for an upside move. Whether that is the event in Paris or the charts, which both show that something is happening. However, if nothing happens, I would be a bit more careful with my position and trimmed it down or even closed it.  

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