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Mental health issues are a major threat to Britain’s workforce – why?

The mental health of young people has deteriorated significantly over the past decade, putting a strain on the economy.

UK raises windfall tax on energy companies to 35%

Windfall tax is being introduced in a large number of states. The UK was one of the first and is now increasing its tax.

What does Rishi Sunak’s victory mean for crypto?

Rishi Sunak is very vocal about digital currencies, and his strong position may lead the country to adopt CBDCs.

UK Prime Minister Liz Truss resigns after just six weeks

Liz Truss won the election in September and entered the government at a very bad. Now she is leaving after just a few weeks.

The legacy of Queen Elizabeth II and the future of the UK

Queen Elizabeth II passed away on Thursday, September 8th, leaving a seven-decade-long reign as the Queen of the UK. What's next?