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DeFi Sunday: An interesting situation on decentralized exchanges

These exchanges are the opposite of centralized solutions and provide the opportunity to trade without an intermediary. They seem to eat their home chains gradually.

DeFi Sunday: Communication between blockchains is key for the industry

Financial markets are experiencing a really turbulent period, marked by a number of innovations in the form of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and the entire DeFi industry. However, the fact that cryptocurrencies operate on different blockchains is a challenge that needs to be solved.

DeFi Sunday: CoinMarketCap cooperation with the decentralized exchange Uniswap

The latest innovation of CoinMarketCap is trading ERC-20 tokens directly on their platform, through cooperation with the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Uniswap.

DeFi Sunday: This industry will destroy the banks as we know them

From the name "decentralized finance", it is clear that the coming competition should be of particular concern to the banks, which are currently the main point of the retail-financial clash. According to many, commercial banks, as we know them, will even disappear completely.

DeFi Sunday: Grayscale adds 13 cryptocurrencies to its list

Institutional asset manager Grayscale has been interested in the cryptocurrency sector for a long time. They have only recently expanded their list of interesting cryptocurrencies and a lot of them belongs to DeFi industry. This clearly shows growing interest in decentralized finances.

DeFi Sunday: Ledger is planning to enter the industry

Ledger hardware wallet is one of the most used in the market. Therefore, we cannot really be surprised that they continue to work on the development of infrastructure and services for their clients. According to the latest information, the company is also heading to the DeFi industry.

DeFi Sunday: DeFi must focus on improving privacy

The DeFi industry certainly boasts a literal rocket launch and development that other industries can hardly compete with. However, this does not mean that there are no challenges for the developers. One of the biggest obstacles to the inflow of institutional capital is the protection of privacy on a fully open platform.

DeFi Sunday: An industry that poses a major challenge for regulators

The regulation of cryptocurrencies is a relatively complex matter. DeFi has no intermediaries, most of whose regulations are controlled. The SEC is proposing to return the role of intermediaries to decentralized systems. DeFi answers - let's work on investors protection together, if the laws don't change, we'll go elsewhere.

DeFi Sunday: Coinbase makes DeFi access easier with a new extension

The electronic wallet of the well-known cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase comes with a new extension for the Chrome browser. According to the company, the goal is to facilitate access to decentralized applications and decentralized finance for many of their users.

DeFi Sunday: The industry is pushing cryptocurrencies above 2% of the global money supply

The cryptocurrency market currently accounts for more than 2% of the total global money supply, and DeFi industry is making a significant contribution to this figure. A number of institutional investors are interested in decentralized finance and perceive the potential for high returns on Bitcoin, altcoins and also stablecoins.
DeFi Sunday: DeFi now locks twice as much ETH as is held on exchanges

DeFi Sunday: DeFi now locks twice as much ETH as is held on exchanges

The DeFi industry is still growing and the volume of Ether (ETH) locked in DeFi smart contracts has far surpassed the number recorded by crypto exchanges. It is clearly a bullish signal, which is also supported by the new Bank of Japan report, which took a closer look at the whole sector.
DeFi Sunday: Ethereum to 3 000 dollars supported by DeFi hype

DeFi Sunday: Ethereum to 3 000 dollars supported by DeFi hype

The biggest altcoin, Ethereum, has been benefiting from the hype of the DeFi world for quite some time. But the latest surge in the price makes this altcoin really stand out.