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Most important Bitcoin-related announcements from BTCPrague

Most important Bitcoin-related announcements from BTCPrague

The biggest Bitcoin conference in Europe is over and here is a short list of the most important announcements that came to light during the event.
Bitcoin Friday: Technical Analysis of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Friday: Technical Analysis of Bitcoin

In the last week’s analysis, we addressed how the chart will continue to move after a crushing slump. Today we are a little wiser.

Fundament of the week: Cryptocurrency delisting

Just as some of the shares in traditional financial markets are occasionally withdrawn from the stock exchange for various reasons, are cryptocurrencies withdrawn in a similar way. Today, we will look at some of those scenarios.
Is Cardano about to “eat” the current financial system?

Is Cardano about to “eat” the current financial system?

Supporters of the cryptocurrency Cardano (ADA) have reasons to celebrate again. The company has announced the testing of smart contracts, which will turn it beyond recognition and bring huge opportunities for further development. Founder Charles Hoskinson also commented about what cryptocurrencies can do to the current financial system.

DeFi Sunday: An industry that poses a major challenge for regulators

The regulation of cryptocurrencies is a relatively complex matter. DeFi has no intermediaries, most of whose regulations are controlled. The SEC is proposing to return the role of intermediaries to decentralized systems. DeFi answers - let's work on investors protection together, if the laws don't change, we'll go elsewhere.
Bitcoin daily chart analysis

Bitcoin daily chart analysis

Another week has passed, another Bitcoin analysis is here, this time focused on the daily chart. We will talk about what is important and what we might expect in the hours and days to come.

Fundament of the week – What is staking?

Staking can be considered a less demanding alternative to cryptocurrency mining. This includes holding funds in a cryptocurrency wallet (or even on some exchange accounts) in order to support the security and operation of the blockchain network. Simply put, staking is the act of locking up cryptocurrencies for a reward.

A fundamental partnership? Tron and BSCPad present a new platform

The "initial offers" have undergone a significant transformation in past few years, and one of the currently most interesting is the so-called IDO - Initial DEX Offering. It was in this offer that joined two blockchain giants, the Tron Foundation and the popular BSCPad launchpad that decided to collaborate, creating a new IDO platform - TRONPad.

DeFi Sunday: Coinbase makes DeFi access easier with a new extension

The electronic wallet of the well-known cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase comes with a new extension for the Chrome browser. According to the company, the goal is to facilitate access to decentralized applications and decentralized finance for many of their users.
Bitcoin Friday: Technical Analysis of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Friday: Technical Analysis of Bitcoin

This week will be the one that will go down in history. We have witnessed one of the biggest plunges in the crypto market. What actually happened and what impact will it have on the whole market? Could this be the beginning of the bear market?

The fundament of the week: Internet of Things (IoT)

To this day, we see the term Internet of things almost on a daily basis. It is attributed to Kevin Ashton of Procter & Gamble, who used the phrase in a 1999 article to describe the role of RFID tags in increasing supply chain efficiency.

Crypto sell off: What just happened?

Vast majority of cryptocurrencies is in red numbers today. And we do not mean losses of few basis points or few percents. Most of the cryptocurrencies have lost more than 20% today , with even some of the bigger ones losing more than 30-40%. Why did this happen?
Environmental impact: Why we should not look only at cryptocurrencies

Environmental impact: Why we should not look only at cryptocurrencies

The energy consumption of cryptocurrencies and their impact on the environment is increasingly being discussed around the world. This is currently one of the biggest point of criticism. However, an important comparison with the current banking system, or the gold mining industry, is often forgotten.