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What is Damus and how is it connected to Nostr?

Damus is a new generation of social media that is decentralized, encrypted, programmable, and uses Bitcoin as platform's native currency.

Social media play a key role in our society. People would have thought there can’t be a new type of social platform, but former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, announced the launch and support for Damus.

What is Damus?

Damus is proclaimed as “the social network you control,” powered by Nostr. It uses decentralized relays to distribute encrypted messages and could be the home for crypto enthusiasts, who favor decentralization above all. 

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Dorsey described this launch as “a milestone for open protocols.” The app is already available on App Store and Google Play as well. It basically allows you to build on open internet protocols with your friends or use end-to-end encrypted messages instead of being run by executives. 

While traditional social media like Facebook or Instagram collect data about you and monetize it, this app is supposed to give its users total control of their data. It also doesn’t require any know-your-customer (KYC) process. Is this the end for Big Tech? Not necessarily. 

Damus plans to become a social media network with uncensored content while also adopting payments through the Bitcoin layer-2 Lightning Network. While normally servers would run the network, Nostr uses decentralized relays to do this. 

Moreover, the developers want to use the technology of Bitcoin and Lightning Network to stop spam attacks. According to GitHub, there are currently 44 developers contributing to the Damus app code, and Dorsey sent 14 bitcoins in December to support their team. 

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In the beginning, it was allegedly difficult to launch Damus on the App Store as it declined their request three times in a row. However, February marks the successful launch and a big milestone for open protocols. 

Bottom line

Damus may be the beginning of a new era of social networks, but it still has a long way to go. If it’s going to be decentralized like cryptocurrencies and get hacked as much, people may be discouraged from using it. So make sure you use it carefully. 

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