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What did the Bitcoin Conference in Miami 2022 bring?

The Bitcoin Conference 2022 took place in Miami and brought us a lot of revelations and interesting information.

In the beginning, we were surprised by the unveiling of the bull statue, which is more technological compared to the one on Wall Street and shows us that Miami wants to be a cryptocurrency and technology city in the future, as Miami Mayor Francis Suarez told us in his statement:

“We must integrate Bitcoin into every aspect and fabric of society.”

Huge step towards widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies

Another big announcement came from Jack Mallers, who is the CEO of Strike. He announced that the company has partnered with three of the world’s largest payments providers, Shopify, NCR and Blackhawk Network to enable bitcoin payments at stores throughout the country.

“You’re gonna be able to walk into a grocery store, to Whole Foods, to a Chipotle, if you want to use a Lightning node over Tor, you do that.”

An image shared by Mallers as part of the presentation listed McDonald’s, Walmart, Walgreens and more U.S. franchises as places where the Strike integration will be useable. 

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Blockstream, Block and Tesla on the same wawelenght

Blockstream CEO Adam Back announced that his company, in partnership with Jack Dorsey’s Block, Inc., will be leveraging Tesla energy equipment for a $12 million bitcoin mining facility.

“The Tesla Solar PV array and Tesla Megapack will power Blockstream and Block’s open-source, solar and battery-powered Bitcoin mining facility,” according to a slide shared by Back during the presentation. “[The facility is] projected [to produce] 3.8 MW solar renewable power, 30 PH/s hashrate.”

Bitcoin Conference

Summary at the end

Once again, the Bitcoin conference left behind a lot of energy for the bulls. Whether we want it or not, cryptocurrencies are increasingly becoming integrated within the mainstream world. Be it the amount of companies adding cryptocurrencies to their assets or the amount of companies enabling cryptocurrency payments in their devices. Cryptocurrencies are here and so they need to be reckoned with.

Bruno is an Investment enthusiast with several years of experience in the industry. He enjoys following the latest news and technology trends...


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