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These 5 countries avoided high inflation (at least for now)

Inflation is the hottest topic in 2022, and almost everyone experiences price increases in products and services. However, some avoided this.

The whole world is going through a crisis that started with surging inflation. Now, central banks have done what were supposed to and started hiking interest rates. While Europe’s inflation is 10%ย and people already feel the consequences of it,ย Venezuela has experienced hyperinflation since 2018, and their inflation level is now “just” about 114%.ย 

However,ย some countries avoided sky-high inflation and rising interest rates. How did they do it? A few aspects helped several countries defend themselves from this global crisis and handle it better than the rest of the world.

1. Taiwan

It is important to notice thatย Taiwan is one of the countries that has handled the global meltdown pretty well, even under pressure from China.ย This is the only country from this list that is not a part of the G20. However, Taiwan’s economy is still considered one of the biggest in the world, which earned its place on this list.ย 

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