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The first NFT art exhibition in New York

Currently, the NFT art attracts a new player that brings it to the otherwise traditional environment - an art gallery. The Superchief art group that already has branches in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami, is launching its new NFT gallery in New York.

In the last few months, newspaper headlines have been dominated by NFT-related topics. That is when a number of well-known currencies such as the NBA, Grimes, and Mark Cuban entered the blockchain-backed industry. In response to this, traditional art houses such as Sotheby's and Christie's focused on NFT art.

NFT art example Figure 1: NFT art example

The NFT Superchief Gallery opened on March 25 with the “Season One Starter Pack” exhibition, which will feature NFT artwork from 300 multi-genre artists. Every day until May 25, the gallery will feature NFT artworks from five different artists. This will create an ever-changing exhibition with slightly different artworks displayed each day.

Superchief NFT art group logo Figure 2: Superchief Gallery NFT logo

Where exactly in New York is the NFT gallery located?

The Superchief art collective, which operates galleries in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles, has announced the launch of a new gallery in Union Square. The NFT Gallery exhibition is also possible thanks to the cooperation with Blackdove, a manufacturer of high-resolution digital art screens.

„Season One Starter Pack“

The first exhibition, entitled "Season One Starter Pack", represents a wide network of more than 300 artists. Each of them will auction the NFT of their exhibited work. The gallery will accept payments with cryptocurrencies and credit cards.

The exhibition responds to the claims of various galleries and museums around the world, which have longed to display works based on the NFT for some time. All this was preceded by an exhibition based on the Crypropunks, already exhibited in 2017, or pioneers like Kevin Abosh, based on the blockchain long before.

Another NFT exhibitions

The Russian Hermitage Museum will host an NFT exhibition featuring works by artists such as Abosch. This Friday (March 26, 2021), the museum in Beijing also opened its first large NFT exhibition.

Critic, collector, and artist Kenny Schacter is also planning a double physically-virtual show, probably the first of its kind in the world, on April 9 at the German Nagel Draxler Gallery. It will take place simultaneously in the “Metaverse” and also at two virtual crypto museums: the Museum of Crypto Art (MOCA) with Colborn Bell, and the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art (MoCDA) with Serena Tabacchi and Georg Bak.

Many institutions have had the NFT on their radars for several months. Although until recently the NFT was considered an obscure technical curiosity, today it is not uncommon to see it being mentioned in the daily news. Likewise, large media publications, which have traditionally completely ignored blockchain topics, are now covering the NFT. This is partly due to the absurd sums of money flowing into it. For example, this month, the legendary Christie’s Auction House sold the work of digital artist Beeple for more than $ 69 million.

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