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US President’s Economic Report is wrong about crypto – here’s why

The fight between cryptocurrencies and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) intensifies with the recent issue of the president's publication.

Unknown trader made $4 million from USDC depeg in 2 days- here’s how

An unknown trader earned more than $4 million in just two days amid stablecoin depegs. On-chain data reveals more details about how that's possible.

Depegging of stablecoins – what does it mean and why is it happening?

Even the largest stablecoins depegged due to extremely high volatility caused by bank collapses. Let's explore what happened.

Stablecoins’ usage will explode with adoption of other fiat currencies

Crypto users will soon be able to enjoy the benefits of non-dollar stablecoins as the market adopts other fiat currencies.

Tether made $700 million in Q4 and you still think crypto is dead?

Tether made $700 million in net profit in the last quarter of 2022, with $67.04 billion in assets and $66.08 billion in liabilities.

Stablecoins are being adopted on a global scale

Stablecoins are gaining a lot of popularity due to their notable benefits compared to traditional payment systems.

Tether beats Visa and Mastercard in transaction volume in 2022

While crypto bled hard in 2022, Tether recorded $18.2 trillion transaction volume, which is more than Visa or Mastercard.

Stablecoins vs CBDCs – what’s the difference?

Stablecoins and CBDCs may look similar, but there is much more underneath. While stablecoin is a cryptocurrency, CBDC is a digital currency. Is that different?
Is Tether in trouble with the authorities again?

Is Tether in trouble with the authorities again?

According to the new court order, the company is to provide documents on backing its USDT stablecoin.
Stablecoins still have work to do

Stablecoins still have work to do

The decline of the whole market is different this time, and analysts point out that its trigger and primary catalyst is stablecoin.

The fundament of the week: Stablecoins

Tether, TrueUSD, Dai, and many more. You probably know that these are the so-called Stablecoins. But do you have at least a basic idea of what these specific cryptocurrencies are for? This will be the topic for today’s article.