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Lawsuit time: Coinbase sues SEC, seeks “regulatory clarity”

It's been almost a year since Coinbase asked the SEC to provide a regulatory framework for the crypto industry, but without a proper answer.

People disagree with SEC’s anti-crypto stance: Change is coming

The battle between crypto and regulators heats up as several people voice their opinion against Gary Gensler's anti-crypto agenda.

Current crypto regulatory challenges in USA – what you need to know

Senator Elizabeth Warren wants to ban crypto wallets, and the SEC chairman will testify about his plan to set the regulatory framework for crypto.

LBRY plunges after losing to SEC – is Ripple next?

LBRY lost its fight against SEC, which took more than 18 months. Now crypto investors worry Ripple may be next.
Cryptocurrency exchanges are fighting a crucial legal battle Audio article

Cryptocurrency exchanges are fighting a crucial legal battle

The cryptocurrency sector representatives and exchanges ask for a clearly defined legal framework to follow.

Binance exchange is in trouble again

Binance has a lot of to explain. Problematic ICO, money laundering, market manipulation and much more.