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Story of Charlie Javice or how to steal $175 million from JP Morgan

Former Frank CEO artificially inflated the numbers of customers and sold the business to JP Morgan. The bank now regrets the purchase.

Investing red flags – how to spot a scam

Are you unknowingly falling for investment scams? Learn the red flags to avoid being a victim and protect your hard-earned money.

These 5 celebrities lost millions to scams

Money can't buy immunity from fraud. Celebrities like Elton John or Usain Bolt have lost millions in investment scams. What are the lessons?

The largest financial scams in history explained – what did we learn?

The following lines contain the biggest financial frauds in history, while exploring the lessons learned all the way from Charles Ponzi to cryptocurrency scams.

Jon Corzine vs Sam Bankman-Fried – why regulations don’t matter

Sam Bankman-Fried's situation is somewhat similar to that of Jon Corzine, with both of them going free while committing fraud.
Usain Bolt lost $12 million to a scam – do not repeat his mistake ★ Premium This content is only available for registered users - sign up for free now

Usain Bolt lost $12 million to a scam – do not repeat his mistake

Usain Bolt falls victim to a financial scam. Lawyers are demanding a return. Take a look at how you can prevent being scammed.

Alameda’s former CEO Caroline Ellison pleads guilty

Caroline Ellison and Gary Wang pleaded guilty to several criminal charges connected to the malicious practices of Alameda Research and FTX.

Mastercard with new crypto fraud protection

Crypto Secure will enable card issuers to identify and block suspicious transactions with crypto exchanges.
Crypto adoption increases – investors need to stay vigilant Audio article

Crypto adoption increases – investors need to stay vigilant

We can assess the overall development of the cryptocurrency market positively. However, many fraudsters continue to hunt the users.

Crypto exchange founder arrested for $100m fraud

Thodex was a popular crypto exchange in Turkey, but its founder took the money and ran away in 2021, just four years after its foundation.

The biggest bank fraud in China cost people billions

Hundreds of people were arrested in connection with the biggest bank scandal in China, which included $5.8 billion of stolen funds.