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ChatGPT-4 is live – you will be amazed by what you can do with it

The release of GPT-4 flooded the internet with some insane use cases for this AI technology. Let's take a look at what it can do.

Forbes compares Binance to FTX – CEO of Binance is not having it

Binance is attacked by media giant Forbes, claiming it is shuffling customers' funds. CZ expressed his opinions in a Twitter thread.

SEC shut down Kraken’s crypto staking program – investors are shocked

Kraken's $30 million fine for providing a crypto staking service has sent shockwaves across the whole crypto space.
Can ChatGPT help Microsoft’s Bing beat Google? ★ Premium This content is only available for registered users - sign up for free now

Can ChatGPT help Microsoft’s Bing beat Google?

Microsoft wants to use ChatGPT to improve Bing, which could be a stronger competitor for Google. AI wars have just begun.

What is Damus and how is it connected to Nostr?

Damus is a new generation of social media that is decentralized, encrypted, programmable, and uses Bitcoin as platform's native currency.

Biden signs massive $1.7 trillion government package

The new government spending bill will use more money for military and law enforcement, education, health, veterans support, etc.

Crypto news summary: Boris Johnson, Voyager and Celsius

Boris Johnson resigned as the prime minister of the UK, Voyager filed for bankruptcy protection, and Celsius is paying off its loans.

Crypto news summary: 19-25 June

The crypto market have seen some great and some bad news. Ronaldo joined Binance, Harmony got hacked, Coinbase downgraded, and much more.