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One of the biggest stock exchanges of all. Nasdaq is second only after NYSE when it comes to traded volumes. Its Nasdaq Composite Index is also one of the most followed indices in the world.

Nasdaq loses steam after US data; hawkish rhetoric

Bulls are retreating on Friday, and the index appears to be closing the weekend exactly where it started on Monday.

Nasdaq jumps to 7-mth highs – begins new bull market

A new bull market in stocks is born - how long will it last?

Nasdaq jumps up and down after US government announces bailout

Investors remain undecided whether the recent round of bank failures is bullish or bearish for US equities.

Nasdaq plunges as Powells refrains from pivoting

Equities fell today, undermined by the hawkish tone of Powell's testimony.

Nasdaq jumps up and down as US CPI beats expectations

This week's headline data have failed to derail the bullish mood in US stocks.

Nasdaq flies toward 200-day average after batch of US data

Today's optimistic US data failed to derail the rally in Nasdaq as it climbed back above $12,000.

Nasdaq adds to gains after Friday’s rally

The tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 index traded half a percent higher during the EU session Monday, pointing to a bullish open in the US.

Nasdaq tests critical trend line support in holiday trading

It looks like December will be a rather negative month for stocks, unless we see a strong Santa Claus rally throughout the next week.

Nasdaq rockets higher after US inflation miss

Another massive rally after US inflation data brought the index closer toward the critical 200-day moving average,

Nasdaq soars amid dovish Powell and terrible macro data

Investors cheered today's miserable US data, along with the dovish Powell's conference.
Stock indices may drop again soon – here’s why

Stock indices may drop again soon – here’s why

Stock indexes recently had a relief rally in a devastating bear market. However, the downtrend may return.

Nasdaq pauses rally as sentiment fizzles

Sentiment has deteriorated today, sending stocks lower, but the short-term outlook still seems bullish.