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Italy plans 50% windfall tax for energy firms

Italy plans to impose a one-off windfall tax of 50% on the extraordinary income of its energy companies in 2023.

Why is wind energy in Europe in such trouble?

Europe is in an energy crisis and although we are seeing big growth in solar energy, wind energy is not doing so well. Why is that?

Is the US slowing down its own solar development?

The US may be slowing down its own solar energy development with its import laws. These are aimed at China, making it harder to import panels.

South Africa needs $84 billion for energy transformation

Rich countries want to help this most industrialised country reduce emissions. But it will cost much more than was planned.
Is gas really that expensive? A look into the energy crisis

Is gas really that expensive? A look into the energy crisis

The energy crisis caused a massive surge in the price of European natural gas, but this wild ride seems to be over.

Europe wants to build the first hydrogen corridor

The corridor will run from Spain to the Netherlands. Is hydrogen a way for Europe to help itself in the face of energy uncertainty?

China plans to build a truly giant offshore wind farm

China has ambitious plans for wind farms. This is confirmed by this huge project to be built off the city of Chaozhou.

US accelerates development for offshore wind expansion

The US wants to supply 5 million homes with floating offshore wind by 2035. The move is part of a plan to protect the climate.

ECB „tries“ to fight the inflation

Today's macro report will include an update on the ECB's monetary policy as well as an analysis of the European energy picture.

A distasteful month for commodities

The fear of recession and economic slowdown takes the commodities down. Metal, agriculture, and even the energy sector went down last month.