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How to choose a crypto wallet?

The right crypto wallet is one of the most important decisions investors need to make before investing in crypto. Here's how to approach it.

Ukraine wants to become the leading jurisdiction for digital assets

Ukraine is motivated to adopt the use of digital assets after they helped the country handle the war in 2022 better.

ECB’s new blog slashes crypto, confirms the arrival of CBDCs

ECB executive board member Fabio Panett points to the benefits of using CBDCs while calling cryptocurrencies dangerous.

US Senators introduce new bill eyeing crypto freedom

Elizabeth Warren and Roger Marshall brought a new bill to light, which would limit the freedom of crypto investors and users significantly.

Donald Trump sold out his NFT collection worth $4.5 million

While Donald Trump is heavily criticized over his NFT collection on Twitter, it sold out within a few hours after its official launch.

Vladimir Putin prohibits crypto payments in Russia

Vladimir Putin strikes by banning all kinds of crypto payments in Russian Federation and wants its nation to use the Russian ruble.