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DAX is a German index that consists of 40 different stocks from Germany, most of which are traded on Frankfurt exchange. It is one of the more volatile indices.

DAX drops below rising wedge pattern – will bears take charge?

It looks like the recent bullish momentum has run out of steam, likely leading to profit-taking and a correction in the next few days.

DAX plunges to short-term support after EU data

Today's mood in the markets remains gloomy, with investors selling stocks and buying the USD.
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DAX unmoved by German macro disaster – why the index did not move?

The resilience of the current uptrend seems astonishing, with the DAX ignoring harsh reality of the German market.

DAX climbs after IFO survey, but remains fragile

Today’s optimistic German data helped the DAX index to move higher.

DAX struggles after a massive rally

Volatility could be lower today, but it looks like the rally in DAX has run out of steam.
Stock indices may drop again soon – here’s why

Stock indices may drop again soon – here’s why

Stock indexes recently had a relief rally in a devastating bear market. However, the downtrend may return.

Stock indices outlook: DAX, Nasdaq and S&P 500

This market outlook will analyse three major stock indices and explore the current trading opportunities.

DAX awaits Fed meeting below key selling zone

Today, the German DAX index is expected to trade in a narrow range as investors await the Fed meeting later in the session.

DAX advances following ECB decision to raise rates

It looks like rate hikes are bullish for stocks nowadays as the ECB's decision sent the German DAX flying.

DAX awaits US jobs data at crucial level

We could see some nice movements after today's US jobs report, with the DAX index sitting at key support heading into the release.

DAX erases Wednesday’s gains, remains bearish

Another batch of week data and rising inflation sent EU stocks lower.

ECB hikes rates, DAX falls 1.5%

The ECB has failed to spur any rally in the EUR, pushing both the single currency and the DAX index lower today.