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Coal slowly slides down, but defends 200-day average

Mild weather and higher production are capping the price of coal. Why is it and what can happen this year with the commodity?
Coal and gas lead the 2022 commodity market

Coal and gas lead the 2022 commodity market

Marked by war, 2022 commodity price surge has been led by coal and natural gas. Nations were stockiping record ammounts of resources.

South Africa needs $84 billion for energy transformation

Rich countries want to help this most industrialised country reduce emissions. But it will cost much more than was planned.

Poland has enough gas and coal for the winter

Poland has secured supplies of natural gas and coal for the upcoming winter heating season. It managed to do so without Russian supplies.

China has 50 years of coal reserves

In pursuit of its energy security, China is increasingly producing energy from coal, of which it has plenty for now.

Are we seeing a coal rush?

Buyers, mainly from Europe, are scrambling for shipments of thermal coal around the world. This opens up new import options.