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Bonds have for long been used as one of the safest investment tools and assets. They still have a part in almost any portfolio of mostly accredited or institutional investors.

2-year US yield defends 200-day average for now

The long-term uptrend in short-term US yields remains intact as the yield has stayed above the 200-day average (so far).
Banks dictate the market – is everything lost?

Banks dictate the market – is everything lost?

The banking sector sparked a volatile week as Fed is trying to bail out the crash. Safe havens are back on the menu.

Volatility in the markets due to this week’s US jobs data

Another rollercoaster week is over, leaving the bond market much stronger, along with equities, while the USD suffered.

2-year yield jumps above 5.0%, the highest level since 2007

US yields indicate there won't be a soft landing after all.

What is a 60/40 investment portfolio?

One of the most used investment strategies continues to shine, despite the recent turmoil in stocks and bonds.

How to best invest cash?

Do you have a lot of money in your bank account and do not know what to do with it? Let's look at some traditional choices where to invest cash.

US short-term bonds await Fed, volatility expected

A barrage of data failed to move the bond market as traders focus on this week's Fed meeting.

Will Fed repeat monetary policy error from 2008 crisis?

In our special report we analyse the implication of the lowered CPI as well as FOMC statement this week. The Fed will probably "overtighten".

Weekly macro report: Prepare for a volatile week

In our macro report, we analyze the outcomes from the previous week - ISM, PPI, and US Mich. survey and talk about the potential of the CPI and the FOMC.

US bond yields remain pressured

The bond yields continue to decline, suggesting investors think the Fed's hiking cycle is over and a recession is coming.
Markets calmed down as traders are expecting fresh big data

Markets calmed down as traders are expecting fresh big data

Stocks finally end losin streak despite markets on Thursday show lower volatility. Traders await more data next week.

Weekly macro report: Are we in a recession?

In the current macro report, we focus on the signs of recession and discuss the latest datasets from the previous week, including PMI and NFP.