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Fed´s balance sheet exploded – is it the start of the QE´s era?

We provide a detailed breakdown of the tools used by the Fed to boost its balance sheet in this analysis. Can the recent steps of Fed be considered a QE?

Real estate market is in danger – is this 2008 all over again?

The real estate market is facing a storm of challenges, from rising vacancies to an upcoming maturity wall. Is the market crash near?
Is Fed going to save everyone?

Is Fed going to save everyone?

Safe havens gained as Fed is between two hard decisions. Fight the inflation which hurts the whole economy, or save the collapsing markets? 
Bitcoin at $1 million in 90 days? Balaji thinks so!

Bitcoin at $1 million in 90 days? Balaji thinks so!

Former Coinbase CTO made a bet that the US dollar will enter hyperinflation and Bitcoin will be worth over $1 million in 3 months.

Gold and silver work as safe havens while fear spreads all over

Safe havens such as gold and silver work in the time of bloodbath spreading all over markets. But tomorrow's US inflation can spark even more volatility.

Another crypto giant goes under – Silvergate’s crisis explained

Silvergate's stock fell to a new all-time low as the crypto bank has had to shut down its business, fueling a selloff on crypto markets.

Crypto exchange Kraken is launching its own bank

Kraken moves forward with its plans to launch a bank despite significant backlash from regulators over the crypto industry.

Jamie Dimon: Bitcoin is a hyped up fraud that doesn’t do anything

JP Morgan's CEO, Jamie Dimon, is asked about crypto again, but immediately responds with heavy criticism and pessimism.

Fed has started its 12-week test of digital dollar

Several commercial banks will help Fed with the test of the digital dollar in the United States. This is the first test of a CBDC in the US.

Credit Suisse drops 10% amid market speculations

Investors are worried that the spike in credit default swaps may worsen the situation and cause a lot of problems.