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Poland has enough gas and coal for the winter

Poland has secured supplies of natural gas and coal for the upcoming winter heating season. It managed to do so without Russian supplies.

Poland was among the first EU member states to have its pipeline gas supplies from Russia completely cut off at the end of April after refusing to pay for Russian gas in roubles.

Despite this, it managed to secure sufficient gas supplies for the coming heating season. This news was reported by the Polish energy company PGNiG.

Much of the gas will come from Norway

PGNiG will use 100% of the capacity of the new Baltic Pipe project. The Baltic Pipeline will transport gas produced offshore Norway to demand centers in Poland.

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In recent weeks, PGNiG has secured additional gas supplies from companies operating in Norway. With these additional supply contracts, the company will be able to meet all of its customers’ demands this winter, in addition to domestic production and LNG imports.

Gas burner flame on dark background

Poland also worked on infrastructure

In addition to the Baltic Pipe project, Poland also worked on another project to strengthen its energy infrastructure. A new gas interconnector between Poland and Slovakia was put into operation. This aims to make gas supplies more affordable and diversify them.

When the project was launched, representatives of the European Commission commented.

“The project aims to decrease the EU countries’ dependence on a single natural gas supplier, open access to new supply sources to Central-Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, facilitate the market between Northern and Southern Europe and increase the integration and coordination of regional gas markets.”

Increased coal supplies have also been secured

We have informed you about the state of world coal markets in earlier articles. In addition to the fact that China has a large supply of coal, we have reported that European suppliers are securing coal supplies around the world.

Among them, of course, is Poland, which, in addition to increasing its domestic production, has secured supplies from Colombia, Tanzania, the United States, South Africa, Australia and Indonesia. This was stated by Krzysztof Sobolewski, Secretary General of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party.

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