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Will Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan start a conflict?

Will Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan start a conflict?

During Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, the US House Speaker raised a red flag as it increased the tension between US and China.

The underrated power of long-term investing

While nobody wants to get rich slowly, long-term thinking and discipline combined with investing may bring results many only dream of.

Interview: What is the future of Lightning Network?

What is the Lightning Network and how is Fulmo contributing to its improvement and spread? Jeff Gallas from Fulmo answered these and few other questions connected to LN.

Lithium batteries as the main topic of electromobility

Lithium batteries are the subject of investment all over the world. We see investment in China, the US and other countries.

Spain plans extra taxes for energy firms and banks

The country wants to help its population with inflation and expensive energy. The government expects to adopt new taxes in 2023 and 2024.

OECD plans biggest overhaul of cross-border tax rules

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development is planning the biggest overhaul of tax rules in a generation by 2024.

World Bank chief economist talks about global recession

World Bank (WB) Chief Economist Carmen Reinhart doubts that the US and global economies will be able to avoid a recession.
G7 leaders unveil $600 billion plan to invest

G7 leaders unveil $600 billion plan to invest

The investments will involve developing countries and are an effort to compete with China's Belt and Road Initiative.