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Nuclear and gas classified as green investments in Europe

The EP supports the temporary inclusion of nuclear and gas as green investments. The aim is to support energies replacing oil and coal.

278 lawmakers voted against the move in the European Parliament, while 328 lawmakers supported it. 353 votes were needed to reject it.

The issue of energy has been a daily topic in recent months and so this move is seen as very important for Europe. Especially for Europe, which is now dealing mainly with the problem of gas supplies, which it needs to fill its storage tanks for the winter.

Opponents loudly argued

Opponents of nuclear and gas argued mainly that these sources are not environmentally friendly and therefore cannot be used in the transition to a clean economy.

German MEP Rasmus Andresen said.

“This is a black day for climate protection. Today the gas and nuclear lobby have won here.”

Representatives of the second-largest faction, the Socialists, were similarly unhappy, saying it was a betrayal of climate ambitions. They also recalled that today’s vote was the opposite of previous decisions by key committees, which had supported the objection.

Energy mix concept

Those who voted in favor had a different perspective

Those who voted in favor of the inclusion of these commodities on the green energy list, on the other hand, argued that without these two sources the EU would not be able to get rid of, for example, coal, which generates even more emissions.

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Pascal Canfin, the French head of the environment committee, commented on the decision.

“These energies are not put on the same level as renewables and clear conditions are set.”

Young activists were also present in the hall

The result of the vote was accompanied in the plenary hall by loud expressions of disapproval by a group of young activists who came dressed in T-shirts printed with large letters that together read “betrayal”. Dozens of activists rejecting this move or, on the contrary, supporting the nuclear energy, also gathered in front of the EP building.

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