Canada inflation rises to 8.1%

Canada joined other countries with a month-to-month inflation increase. As a result, the annual inflation rate in Canada increased to 8.1 % in June 2022, the highest level since January 1983 but below the 8.4 % market estimate.

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German inflation is sky-high

The rate of consumer price inflation in Germany increased to 10.0% year-over-year in September 2022. Inflation surpassed market predictions of 9.4% and marked the highest level since 1951 when it peaked at roughly 11.0%.

PMI falls in several countries

Eurozone Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) fell to 48.9 in September of 2022 from 49.8 in August, and Germany Services PMI also dropped to 45.4 from 47.7. UK Services PMI also falls from 50.9 to 49.2, but France surprises with a rebound from 51.2 to 53.

Beyond Meat COO arrested for battery

Doug Ramsey, the COO of Beyond Meat, was detained this weekend. Ramsey is accused of biting a man’s nose in a parking garage in Arkansas following a college football game. He was lodged in the Washington County jail after being accused of third-degree battery.

Spain’s trade deficit rose sharply

Spain’s trade deficit increased from EUR 1.60 billion in July 2021 to EUR 6.56 billion in July 2022. Spain’s imports rose 37.1% to an almost record high. This created the greatest trade deficit since December 2008, led by energy products, capital goods, non-chemical semi-manufactures, food, drinks and tobacco.

EU inflation is still high

The annual inflation rate in the Euro Area was confirmed at a record of 9.1% in August of 2022, compared to 8.9% in July. The highest contribution came from energy again. The Eurodollar holds around the parity level.

Biden with $900 million announcement

Today, President Joe Biden will announce the approval of $900 million funding for building EV charging stations. It should take place in 35 states and is a part of $1 trillion infrastructure bill that was approved in November of last year. Over the next 5 years about $5 billion will be granted to states to build thousands of EV charging stations.

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EUR/USD reclaims parity

Amid a massive bounce of stocks and commodities, Eurodollar reached parity for the first time in two weeks. The Euro gained 5% against the US dollar in this period.

US stocks surge sharply 🔥

Right after the American stock market opened, S&P 500 and Nasdaq rose 2.7% and 3%. This growth may be explained by expectations that weaker-than-expected US economic statistics will soften the Federal Reserve’s extreme hawkish tone.

Newcastle coal drops sharply 📉

After Newcastle coal grew above the $420 level from March to $450 in September, it fell by 8% in one day below the $400 per tonne mark. Coal is falling as China pledged to raise coal production capacity by 300 million tonnes. This is about the equivalent of China’s yearly imports.

Bovespa rose by 5.5% in one day 🚀

Bovespa, a Brazilian stock index, rose 5.5% in a single day, close to 116,000, a level not reached since April. This is because of the first round of the presidential election. Results revealed that President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil’s far-right party surpassed polls and still has a chance to win.

RBA raised interest rates by 25 bps

The Australian ASX 200 Index climbed strongly from a critical low and gained 3.75% to 6,700. The Reserve Bank of Australia surprised the markets with a modest 25 bps rate increase to 2.6%. This led to a drop in the Australian dollar and bond yields and supported an increase in equity prices.

Brazilian real gains 4% in one day 🔥

The Brazilian real increased by 4% versus the dollar, trading at about $5.2. BRL strenghtens as investors cheered an unexpectedly close outcome in the first round of the presidential elections. After no candidate receives a majority of more than 50% of the vote, the contest will proceed to a runoff scheduled for October 30.


Azerbaijan urges to increase gas pipeline capacity to Europe

Azerbaijan has begun talks with partners to double the capacity of its gas pipelines to Europe. Could this be a lifeline for Europe?

Mastercard with new crypto fraud protection

Crypto Secure will enable card issuers to identify and block suspicious transactions with crypto exchanges.

UN calls on central banks to halt interest rate hikes

United Nations want central banks to take action and stop the aggressive tightening policy, but inflation is still high.
AUD/USD slumps following another rate hike

AUD/USD slumps following another rate hike

The RBA disappointed market players today, sending the AUD/USD pair lower.