Bitcoin slowly rising

As of now, Bitcoin has increased its price by more than 13 % since the beginning of the week, hinting that more appetite can be coming back to the cryptocurrency markets. Should the candle close above the current price, Bitcoin would see the biggest positive weekly candle since October.

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Interpol issued red notice on Do Kwon

Interpol issued a red notice on Do Kwon, the co-founder of Terraform Labs. Do Kwon insists that he is not hiding, but it is unclear where he is because Singaporean authorities claim he is not in the country.

Russia is about to legalize crypto

Russia took the first step toward legalizing crypto, and it benefits everyone. Kommersant reported that the country’s Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev and the Bank of Russia have settled on using cryptocurrency for cross-border payments. Locals are permitted to process international payments using crypto.

Vitalik Buterin expects others to use PoS

All blockchains, including Dogecoin and Zcash, according to Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, should switch to proof of stake. Vitalik believes that now that the Ethereum merge is complete, other blockchains should follow.  “As proof of stake matures, I expect it to just increase in legitimacy more and more over time,” said Vitalik.

Binance creates Global Advisory Board

Binance announced the creation of its new Global Advisory Board. Its purpose will be to advise Binance on some of the most complex regulatory, political, and social issues the cryptocurrency industry faces amid the rapid growth and evolution of the ecosystem.

Societe Generale goes crypto

Societe Generale has provided additional services for its asset manager clients to meet the growing demand from investors for cryptocurrencies. The services will give asset managers the ability to provide crypto funds in a straightforward and appropriate way inside a framework that complies with European legislation.

MicroStrategy bought more Bitcoin

MicroStrategy bought an additional 301 bitcoins for $6.0 million at an average price of $19,851 per BTC. As of September 19, the company holds about 130,000 BTC acquired for $3.98 billion at an average price of $30,639 per Bitcoin. Their investment is down approximately 33%.

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Nord Stream damaged & gas rises

Leaders in Europe thought the two explosions that destroyed the pipelines used to transport Russian natural gas to Europe were intentional. However, some officials accused the Kremlin of being behind the explosions, saying they were meant to be a warning to Europe. Meanwhile, EU gas is up 13% on Wednesday.

DAX hit 12,000 mark

European equities markets declined sharply, with the German stock index DAX hitting a two-year low of 12,000. The stock index is pressured by the hawkish monetary policy of central banks, which could draw DAX even lower.

Indian Rupee suffers losses

The Indian rupee hit a record low of 81.7 and is on track with the retreat of riskier currencies. This is due to recession fears and expectations of a hawkish Federal Reserve policy. Pressure on the rupee is also contributed to an increase in capital outflows from the country.

EU gas surges by 10%

After four straight days of losses due to concerns about future Russian supply, EU gas futures spiked 8% near €190. This may be due to the Nord Stream report of a pressure reduction at the two lines of Nord Stream and one line of Nord Stream 2.

MOEX continues to tumble

The ruble-based MOEX Russia dropped by 7% to about 1,925 on Tuesday, the lowest level in more than five years. MOEX is down 55% from its all-time high at 4,271.  Concerns about the worsening Russian-Ukrainian conflict and nuclear threats persist.

China orders massive equity buying

China continued its lockdowns that appeared to hurt its economy as the rest of the world said goodbye to COVID. The nation’s real estate market and stock market suffered as a result. Currently, the government has directed state banks to buy equities to stop excessive selling.


USD/JPY tests previous highs despite negative sentiment

USD/JPY tests previous highs despite negative sentiment

The US Dollar traded higher on Tuesday, boosted by the risk-averse sentiment in the markets.

Severe explosions damage Nord Stream pipelines

Swedish and Danish gauging stations massive underwater explosions where the Nord Stream pipeline subsequently started leaking gas.
S&P 500 bounces from a strong level

S&P 500 bounces from a strong level

Big banks are turning bearish on US stocks as the S&P 500 index dropped to its June lows.

First female Italian prime minister – who is Giorgia Meloni?

Giorgia Meloni is the first female and new prime minister of Italy. She is well-known for her right-wing activism. What is she planning?