WTI rising yet again

West Texas Intermediate futures are fighting around a $120 a barrel mark to break above this level yet again. After three months since WTI hit $125 mark and then slowly retraced back to $90, WTI is trying to get back to these record high numbers. Some investors believe that due to the US summer driving season the price can even increase above $125.

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Silver falls by 5% πŸ“‰

Silver rose rapidly from $18 to $21 in just a few days, and safe-haven bids propelled this growth. Now silver falls by more than 5% below the $20 mark.

Newcastle coal drops sharply πŸ“‰

After Newcastle coal grew above the $420 level from March to $450 in September, it fell by 8% in one day below the $400 per tonne mark. Coal is falling as China pledged to raise coal production capacity by 300 million tonnes. This is about the equivalent of China’s yearly imports.

Silver skyrockets πŸš€

Silver futures are up 8% and hit $20.3 per ounce on the first trading day of Q4 of 2022. Silver is up by almost 15% in just one week.

EU gas prices tumble 9%

Gas prices in Europe are down 9% for the day at €171, far lower than the record highs of €340 in August. Europe managed to replace certain Russian supplies with LNG imports and was able to refill its storage facilities ahead of winter. The amount of gas reserves across Europe is currently at about 87%.

UK natural gas jumps sky-high

UK natural gas reached their highest level in two weeks on Friday, rising by almost 50% to 380. The surge was fueled by increased demand from gas-fired power facilities as a result of slower wind speeds.Β  As of September 28th, gas storage facilities in the UK were 94.65% full.

WTI Crude oil recovers losses

Worries about limited global supply helped WTI crude futures rise 2% to $80, pulling away from 9-month lows at $76 earlier this week. Hurricane Ian caused a reduction in US crude output of around 190,000 barrels per day, or 11% of the Gulf’s total.

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MakerDAO’s big transaction

The so-called decentralized autonomous organization MakerDAO is transferring $500 million worth of the token to fixed-income obligations.Β These consist of corporate bonds and short-term US Treasuries.

Semtech stock dips 10%

Semtech shares dropped by 10% in a single day. Semtech Stocks are trading lower after the company announced a $250 million convertible senior notes offering. The stock is down 68% so far this year.

US initial jobless claims grow

The number of Americans submitting new applications for unemployment benefits increased by 29,000, reaching 219,000. The number increased from the five-month low. This was significantly higher than the forecast at 203,000, pointing to a possible easing of labor market conditions.

Former Terra employee arrested

After months of investigation, South Korean police have reportedly caught Yoo Mo. He is the first captured person involved in the Terra blockchain ecosystem collapse. Yoo Mo was the head of business and has done market making in his time.

Silver falls by 5% πŸ“‰

Silver rose rapidly from $18 to $21 in just a few days, and safe-haven bids propelled this growth. Now silver falls by more than 5% below the $20 mark.

Higher US jobs numbers

Private businesses in the US created 208K jobs in September 2022 compared to an upwardly revised 185K in August. This was followed after schools reopened and pandemic concerns receded. However, while job growth is stable, it remains below the recent three-month average.


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Dow Jones tries to stay above 30,000 USD

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EUR/GBP stays above significant support

EUR/GBP stays above significant support

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