Nord Stream damaged & gas rises

Leaders in Europe thought the two explosions that destroyed the pipelines used to transport Russian natural gas to Europe were intentional. However, some officials accused the Kremlin of being behind the explosions, saying they were meant to be a warning to Europe. Meanwhile, EU gas is up 13% on Wednesday.

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Gold hits $2,000

Gold rose above $2,000 for the first time in one year. This is because of the ongoing fears about the crash of the banking system. Gold is up 10% so far in 2023.

WTI Crude falls below $70

WTI crude fell by more than 5% to $67.5. This is the lowest level since December 2021, marking the end of the commodity rally for now.

WTI crude drops amid high volatility

WTI crude fell by more than 5% to below $73, close to a level not seen since early December. The decline is likely caused by financial contagion fears following the Sillicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank collapses.

Commodities fall after Fed’s press

Silver tumbled from $21 to $20 in the midst of a global selloff. The commodity fell by almost 5% in a single day. Platinum also dropped by 4.7%, and gold declined by 1.8%.

US natural gas drops 10% 📉

US natural gas tumbled 10% when the market opened. This is after the commodity bottomed out and rose almost 50% in less than two weeks.

Platinum jumps 4.5%

Platinum was on track to lose 20% in six weeks but refused to drop below $900. Instead, it jumped more than 4.5% to $950, slowly rising back to $1,000.

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Nasdaq to offer crypto services in Q2

Nasdaq is about to launch crypto custody services in the second quarter of this year. Nasdaq is reportedly moving forward to get all the necessary technical setup and regulatory approvals ready.

The EU stock market in red due to banks

The European stock market was brought down by the banking sector. DAX fell 2% due to ongoing fears that another bank will crash. Deutsche Bank is down 15%, while UBS along with Credit Suisse both lost around 6%. Other notable industry players like BNP Paribas and Commerzbank suffered losses as well.

Bitcoin reportedly entered a supercycle

Bitcoin appears to be entering a new bullish “supercycle,” according to Bloomberg senior analyst Mike McGlone. He claims Bitcoin is the best-performing asset in 2023, increasing its price “nearly 10 times” as much as gold.

JPY is strong on Friday

The Japanese Yen has been strengthening against all other currencies on Friday. EUR/JPY fell the hardest, by 1.82%. Other currency pairs, like NZD/JPY and GBP/JPY, are also down 1.5% so far.

Hermes stock at new all-time high

Hermes International (RMS) jumped to a new all-time high of over 1,806 per stock. The company is up 24% so far in 2023 and up 49.5% in the last 12 months. Hermes is currently valued at 188 billion euros.

Do Kwon reportedly arrested

The Interior Minister of Montenegro claims Do Kwon has been arrested in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro. The identity verification should be confirmed soon.


USD/JPY plunges toward 130; more losses likely

The bearish pressure is expected to continue as there is little support for the USD at the moment.
Mixed messages after the Fed – markets are in a waiting mode

Mixed messages after the Fed – markets are in a waiting mode

The US market turned green across the board as volatility makes for a roller coaster trading.
Natural gas lifted after EIA data – is gas dead?

Natural gas lifted after EIA data – is gas dead?

The fresh EIA storage data lifted the price of natural gas, however nothing ground-breaking happened. Will we see a rise ever again?

FTSE struggles after BoE hike – future movement uncertain

Another rate hike seems to have disrupted the short-term bullish trend in the FTSE index.