Market movers

Duke Energy exploring Bitcoin mining

Duke Energy, the second largest power company in the United States, is reportedly studying Bitcoin mining. The results of this research should help the company with onboarding of the miners on the grid. Before that, the company is going to test its findings on micro-grid with different energy sources.

Almost 60 000 Teslas with a glitch?

According to Germany's road traffic agency, almost 60 000 Teslas model Y and 3 may have a glitch. The software flaw can cause a breakdown of the eCall, which are designed to contact emergency responders in the event of a serious accident. KBA, the German watchdog that specified found this glitch, stated that 59 129 vehicles can have this problem.

Credit card interest rates on a rise

Matt Schulz, chief credit analyst for LendingTree, has recently stated that the average annual percentage rates (APR) for new credit cards reached record levels. The borrowing rate rose to 20 % as of June, more than 6% increase from the pre-pandemic levels. Schulz also stated that he believes that this is nowhere near the top.

3AC filing for bankruptcy in the US

Three Arrows Capital, one of the biggest crypto hedge funds, has been in rather unpleasant conditions for few weeks now. The situation forced 3AC to file for bankruptcy in the United States. The step should protect the company from losing assets to liquidators as it protects US assets. The future of the company remains uncertain.

S&P 500 with a horrific result

Bitcoin is not the only asset that is having bad time now. The same applies for one of the biggest US indices, S&P 500, which has just ended the first half of the year down 20.6 %. This is the worst start to a year since 1962.

Copper sinks below 8 000 dollars

Copper has just sunk below 8 000 dollars a ton, the lowest price in more than 18 months. It is likely that Copper, just like other industrial metals will fall in the price in the coming days and weeks mostly due to the fears of the incoming global financial recession.

The worst quarter in the history of BTC

Bitcoin has lost around 56 % of its price in the past three months, which means that it has closed the worst quarter in its history. Until now, the worst quarter was the Q1 of the year 2018, when BTC lost about 50% of its price after it reached ATH. Yet, many view this as an excellent opportunity for buying and DCA.

SEC rejected Grayscale’s Bitcoin ETF – lawsuit incoming

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has rejected yet another Bitcoin spot ETF. The proposed move from Grayscale to switch Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) to Bitcoin ETF was rejected due to failure to meet the required standard to prevent fraud and manipulation. Grayscale decided to take this decision to the court and sued SEC immediately.

Worst first half of the year in 50 years

According to the recent numbers, the S&P 500 is on its way to close one of its worst first halves of the year in history. With about 20 % of the value of the index erased from January till June, S&P 500 is heading to the worst close of the first half of they year since 1970. Whether the loss can go even deeper depends solely on today's close.

Double digit inflation in Spain

The current inflation numbers in Spain showed that the inflation in the country jumped from 8.7 % to about 10.2 %. With double digit inflation in one of the biggest countries in the Europe, the European Central Bank will need to speed up its monetary tightening efforts and become more hawkish, if it wants to stop this metric from growing.