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DeFi Sunday: KickPad launches its first IDO

KickPad, one of DeFi's most anticipated platforms, announces its first initial DEX (Decentralized Exchange) offering with the Orakuru project, running on the Binance Smart Chain. Once it starts, it will have the highest number of resources on the BSC.

Behind the curtain

P2P (peer-to-peer) aspect is one of the key reasons why this cryptocurrency attracts people. Cryptocurrency assets allow users to operate in different financial markets and operate with different types of assets without intermediaries. In numbers, this trend represents $ 42 billion tied to decentralized financial projects.

DeFi deflation tokens obtained from high-yield farms disrupt and transform the traditional financial system. They focus on the revenue sector and emphasize community governance, which gives power to token holders. This is possible thanks to anonymous projects led by unofficial developers and published on anonymous platforms.

Privacy and the right to anonymity are among the core values of IDO (Initial DEX Offering) and the principle shared by the DeFi community as a whole. This is made possible by innovative actors that form the backbone of the Web 3.0 infrastructure, such as Orakuru.

Orakuru partners Figure 1 - Orakuru partnership list

What is Orakuru?

Orakuru is a community-certified Binance Smart Chain. It is a credible price source and off-chain data that "bring everything" to the prediction market from job demands to the results of the UFC fights.

Orakuru relies on delegated nodes and a betting system. In this way, each node can be rewarded or penalized if it fails to properly verify the results. Initially, they will have seven nodes that will provide trusted services, allowing them to decentralize adequately. Each node is set up with "scrapers," which is code that retrieves data.

It offers the opportunity to join the official Telegram group and get the latest news, development information, and details about the launch of Orakuru. If you are good at marketing, design, or development, they have a Discord channel with the possibility of direct conversation with the team and its developers.

For the time being, Orakuru is mainly focused on development. In the coming weeks, it will focus on building its community. Focusing on the community is not just a marketing move, Orakuru will eventually be managed by the community. Members can contribute to development, marketing, design, participate in upcoming updates, or in administration.

In an article on the launch of Orakuru's IDO, they outlined a "special event" for KickPad holders.

What is KickPad?

Orakuru is the first KickPad project to become the pinnacle of pre-sales platforms. Transparency, security, and quality are synonymous with this IDO marketplace, as it offers an automatic liquidity lock solution. Previously, investors had to fully trust the owners of newly created projects without any safety net.

KickPad works on BSC and offers the benefits of fast transactions and low fees. It deals with anonymity, liquidity blocking, and refunds if the IDO does not reach its limit. Investors see how long liquidity is locked, they can monitor the progress of the trade and generate interest.

Part of the KickPad is also KickDex, which provides complete transparency for both the seller and the buyer. It is a resilient pre-sale platform that alleviates the stress of blocking liquidity.

How does it work?

During the pre-sale, KickDex reduces the seller's chance to run away with the money without adding and blocking liquidity on the exchange. Smart contracts force this process automatically.

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