• TSLA
    188.89 USD 4.85%
  • MMM
    101.72 USD 2.71%
  • SP500
    4193.05 USD 0.02%
  • MSFT
    321.21 USD 0.89%
  • AMZN
    115.02 USD -1.07%
  • AAPL
    174.22 USD -0.55%
  • NFLX
    363.05 USD -0.64%
  • NVDA
    311.79 USD -0.28%
  • META
    248.34 USD 1.09%
  • BRKA
    501198.61 USD -1.19%
  • T
    16.38 USD 0.43%
  • ADBE
    372.09 USD 0.22%

Investro Tea: Week #38

Hollywood has officially lost its power over TV. A Silicon Valley Netflix has become a first streaming provider to receive the most Emmy awards in a single year. Overall, Netflix received 44 awards. Let´s also look together at different news from the world.

Improvement of self-driving cars?

Elon Musk stated last week that drivers will be able to improve their self-driving Tesla cars. Jennifer Homendy, Chair of the National Transportation Safety Board said that it is important to solve basic questions regarding the safety of self-driving cars, before they make it to the cities and streets. Tesla was also contacted by other regulators to improve the self-driving capabilities of its cars and their overall safety. These warnings and many questionable remarks may have caused a drop of – 3 % of the shares of TSLA. If you want to know more about this topic do not hesitate and read this entry from Bloomberg .

Dow Jones Index is perceived as one of the best indicators of the overall fitness of the global economy. Will it continue gaining strength or will it go to recession after years of significant growth? You can find out in this article .

Past years have seen not only a rise in the Dow Jones, but also in the wealth of billionaires. Without any doubt, one of the best known billionaires from the world of finance is Warren Buffet. If you want to read some interesting information about him, follow this link .

Problems of Evergrande

Indices, stocks, commodities or cryptocurrencies have all suffered losses this week due to the fears connected to Chinese property company Evergrande Group. Eventhough the Chinese government has stepped in and should provide a stimulus to bail this company out, we are not out of the woods yet.

According to Jenny Zeng of Alliance Bernstein Evergrande is still on a verge of bankruptcy, which could lead to domino effect in the Chinese markets, especially in properties. Evergrande has the debt of 310 billion dollars and is the most indebted property company in the world.

If you want to know more about this very hot topic, you can read about it in Bloomberg or in CNBC .

We have also informed about the correction that happened in the Bitcoin market, which you can read about more in here.


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