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    115.02 USD -1.07%
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    321.21 USD 0.89%
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    188.89 USD 4.85%
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Investro Tea: Week #29

Amsterdam is the first city in the world to have a 3D-printed bridge. Investment in technological advancement should not be missing in your portfolio.

3D printing technology has been with us for a decade and has been constantly improving since that time. At first, it seemed that only practical usage for which this technology would be sufficient enough for will be the printing of Dungeon and Dragons action figures or other rather decorative objects. However, contrary to all expectations the latest feat in this field is the 3D printing of large metal structures. If you find it hard to believe, below you can watch a video that will show you the production and installation of an already mentioned bridge in Amsterdam.

For more information, see the official website of MX3D .

The usefulness of 3D printing is also being manifested in healthcare. All of us probably remember 3D printers that were used to print protective face shields during the COVID pandemic. Thanks to its speed and efficiency, 3D printing has also been used for many years in the prosthetic production business. Before this technology came into use, It was very expensive to make a movable hand prosthesis for a child, for example, but thanks to 3D printing, people can make prostheses for their children from the comfort of their homes.

You can learn more about the 3D printing of children’s prostheses here .

What you will not be able to print at home is a 3D house from concrete, that specialized companies are focusing on currently. In the future, it is assumed that the technology of 3D printing of buildings could be used in the space program – for the Moon base construction. The material on the Moon would be regolith – lunar dust, of which there is an almost unlimited amount on the Moon.

In Denmark, they already live in 3D-printed buildings. In case you are wondering how does a 3D printed house look like and how is it like to live in it you can read about it in this article by The Guardian

Danish 3D printed house, Source: The Guardian

Cryptocurrency window

Many myths and legends revolve around cryptocurrencies. Can you become a billionaire by investing in cryptocurrencies? Are cryptocurrencies used only by criminals? These and other myths are being debunked in this article , feel free to read it.

If you are interested in a decentralized financial system – called DeFi, then you should not miss an article about an interesting situation regarding DeFi exchanges.


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