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    3949.11 USD 0.3%
  • META
    204.3 USD 2.24%
  • MSFT
    277.69 USD 1.97%
  • BRKA
    452795.28 USD -0.64%
  • T
    18.46 USD 0.38%
  • ADBE
    369.04 USD 2.02%
  • MMM
    101.01 USD -0.53%
  • AMZN
    98.72 USD 0.01%
  • AAPL
    158.95 USD 0.7%
  • NFLX
    320.4 USD 9.01%
  • NVDA
    271.94 USD 2.73%
  • TSLA
    192.24 USD 0.56%

Investro Tea: Week #23

Last week, Japan embarked on a journey of large investments in the field of the semiconductor chip industry. However, the US is not lagging behind. What else has the last week brought us? Let's take a look.

As we have already mentioned, US President Joe Biden has announced an extensive strategy to secure supply chains not only in the area of computer chips, where there is a great shortage, but also in medicine and drug delivery.

The main goal of the strategy is to return suppliers to US soil so that they are not so dependent on international supplies. You can learn more in this article .

G7 and taxation of multinational companies

Two weeks ago, we informed you that at its meeting, the G7 was debating the recommendation of a single tax for large corporations so that they could not easily flee to tax havens. The leaders of all seven countries agreed that the single tax should be 15%. With Joe Biden's administration also agreeing on this, it is quite possible that the implementation process for the 15% global minimum corporate tax rate might begin in the near future. You can read more about it, for example, in the Wall Street Journal .


After great growth and subsequent fall, cryptocurrencies are still looking for a new level. At this point, Bitcoin alone fluctuates between 30 000 - 40 000 dollars and it seems that it will remain so in the weeks to come. We will see if it eventually returns to its last year's value, which was below $ 30,000.

Actual Bitoin price, Coinmarketcap Bitcoin Price, Source:

After a long time, the Anonymous movement has come to light again, and this time their target is Elon Musk, who, according to them, abuses his influence too much harming a large number of people in the process. You can read what Anonymous plans for Elon Musk in our article .

And speaking of Elon, the world's wealthiest man and owner of Tesla company have decided to cancel the development of a new version of his Tesla S Plaid car model. See his own Twitter:

Elon Musk's tweet Elon Musk has canceled the development of Plaid +. Source: Twitter


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