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Investro Tea: Week #22

Another week is here and with it another Investro Tea. This time we will talk about the ongoing computer chip shortage, power outages in Iran, and successful flights into space.

Computer chips shortage

There has been a shortage of computer chips on the market for a long time. Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) management has released a report, where they state that the shortage could affect some of the company's orders planned for this year. This, of course, was subsequently reflected in the fall in the company’s share price.

The Japanese government has therefore decided to invest in the development of new production technologies, investing up to $ 330 million in twenty Japanese companies. One of the largest producers originating in Taiwan, TSMC (Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company), will also be involved in the project. You can find more information about this investment here .

A TSMC factory. A TSMC factory

Chinese space program

For our second news today, we will be talking about Asia again. Last week at Investro Tea, we looked at USA-based space flights. This time we can look at China's success. China's Tchien-che (Heavenly Harmony) space station project is continuing successfully and as of the last Sunday, another module joined the station without any major issues. The station is expected to be fully operational in 2022, which means that the ISS space station will soon have competition in orbit.


At the end of today's tea, let's take a brief look at the world of cryptocurrencies. As you can read in our article - Cardano is doing quite well.

Iran, on the other hand, is appalled by cryptocurrencies and their energy consumption and has therefore banned mining altogether. As much as 4.5% of the global Bitcoin volume was mined in Iran. So it is a big blow for the local miners. However, the ban is temporary and will last only a few months, until the energetic network can be improved and blackouts can be prevented. You can learn more in this article .

However, when it comes to profit, the crypto investor is not limited only to mining. Have you heard about staking? If not, then be sure to check this article .


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