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Inverse Cramer ETF makes better returns than S&P 500 in its first week

Do the opposite of what Jim Cramer does and beat the S&P 500 thanks to the newly launched Inverse Cramer ETF. 

The long-teased ETF called “The Inverse Cramer” has finally gone live on the 2nd of March. This inverse ETF will be trading the opposite of Cramer’s tips, which are popular for his bad advice. How is it doing so far?

Outperforming S&P 500 from the beginning

The Inverse Cramer ETF started out great. Given the opinions of Jim Cramer, investors could do well if they choose to do the opposite. He even heavily criticized Bitcoin at the end of 2022, which turned out to be an amazing bottom signal.

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Investor and Uinvst founder, Gurgavin Chandhoke, tweeted that the Inverse Cramer Tracker ETF, which is designed to counteract Jim Cramer’s recommendations, has outperformed the market by 5% in just one week.

Let’s have a look at some of his “amazing” stock picks. Just a little while before the First Republic Bank crashed, Cramer said “it’s a very good bank.” I wonder whether he still thinks that. 

That’s not all. Cramer recommended its followers not to buy Tesla when it was close to $100 per share. Then it skyrocketed in the next two months by over 100%. Then Cramer tweeted “Tesla could be explosive,” which was a perfect top signal.


If you want to use the service, you can visit website, where you can invest in the opposite of what Cramer recommends with a minimum of $50 deposit. Be sure to apply proper due diligence as this is not a financial advice.

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His recommendations are truly legendary. It will be interesting to watch the performance of this index over the course of the next year. Seeing Cramer’s pessimism towards crypto definitely paints a picture as well.

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