• SP500
    4193.05 USD 0.02%
  • META
    248.34 USD 1.09%
  • MSFT
    321.21 USD 0.89%
  • BRKA
    501198.61 USD -1.19%
  • T
    16.38 USD 0.43%
  • ADBE
    372.09 USD 0.22%
  • MMM
    101.72 USD 2.71%
  • AMZN
    115.02 USD -1.07%
  • AAPL
    174.22 USD -0.55%
  • NFLX
    363.05 USD -0.64%
  • NVDA
    311.79 USD -0.28%
  • TSLA
    188.89 USD 4.85%

Indices are facing strong resistances

As per usual, we will look at indices on their daily charts. However, today we will not only look at S&P 500 and Nasdaq, but we will also include Dow Jones, because all of them are facing strong resistances.

S&P 500

We will start of with S&P 500, which is facing its strongest resistance. We can also see that S&P 500 has done a sharp V movement from the bounce, which is typical for this index. If we break the resistance upwards, there is a huge chance that we can be attacking new ATH soon. At this point in time however, we cannot be sure whether this movement is part of the correction or new upside movement that should test the ATH. That is also what this resistance will decide.

TradingView Chart

S&P 500 1D chart, Source: Author´s analysis,


Technology index Nasdaq has seen the biggest downward movement from all the indices. It fell down about 22 % from its ATH. Its retracement as well as the upside movement is not the strongest. Technology stocks in general are having a rather difficult beginning of the year, which was highlighted by Meta, with its biggest sharp drawdown. Yet, Nasdaq is slowly reaching its resistance level, where the future movements of the index will be decided.

TradingView Chart

Nasdaq 1D chart, Source: Author´s analysis,

Dow Jones

This index has seen the strongest upside movement and is at its resistance levels. Moreover, from this resistance it is really close to the ATH levels and thus this resistance will decide whether we can see new ATHs soon, or whether we can expect more downside.

TradingView Chart

Dow Jones 1D chart, Source: Author´s analysis,


All the major US indices are at crucial resistance levels. Three main factors might be affecting them in the short term period. These are the Ukraine-Russia conflict, inflation and interest rate hikes. The inflation numbers will be released today, which can be followed with strong moves to either side and can also tell us more about what the Fed will do in the coming meeting.

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