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Here’s how can you earn crypto while learning

Did you know that you can learn about crypto and be rewarded for it? Several platforms listed in this article made this possible.

Cryptocurrencies have become a popular asset class that has attracted investors, traders, and enthusiasts from around the world. With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, there is a growing demand for knowledge and skills related to this innovative technology. 

Fortunately, there are several ways to learn about cryptocurrencies and earn crypto at the same time without the need to invest capital. In this article, we will explore some of these methods. 

Learn and earn

One of the easiest and most popular ways to earn crypto without any investment is to learn about it. Coinbase is one of the favourite platforms for this, with its program “Coinbase learning rewards.” It is simply a learning platform that offers individuals an opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies by completing educational tasks. 

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Coinbase’s program features various lessons on different cryptocurrencies, which reward participants with the respective cryptocurrency after completing the lesson. The platform is designed to help individuals learn about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology while also earning some cryptocurrency rewards.

Coinbase learn and earn, source:

Participants in the quizzes must be logged into their accounts to participate, with the possibility to earn a few dollars worth of crypto pretty quickly. It usually takes several minutes to complete. There are also other crypto exchanges or coin-tracking websites that offer a way to learn and earn a few bucks in crypto:

The list may not contain all learn & earn platforms, but it is enough to learn a lot about crypto and make tens of dollars at the same time. Another interesting way to make free bucks in crypto is by taking part in bounty programs. 

Participate in bounty programs

Bounty programs are a popular way to earn cryptocurrencies while contributing to a project’s growth and development. Bounty programs typically reward individuals for completing tasks such as writing blog posts, creating videos, translating content, or promoting a project on social media.

In exchange for their work, participants receive a reward in the form of cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, bounty programs offer an excellent opportunity to learn about different cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects. Crypto projects also do giveaways, which simply require sharing the post most of the time. However, there are many scams that don’t even pay out the rewards, so participants should be careful not to waste time. 

Join airdrops

Airdrops are another way to earn cryptocurrencies without spending any money. Airdrops are free distributions of cryptocurrencies to individuals who complete simple tasks such as signing up for a newsletter or following a project on social media. 

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It can also be interacting with their blockchain, making transactions, etc. Moreover, airdrops are an excellent way to learn about new blockchain projects and their tokenomics. Optimism had one of the biggest airdrops along with Blur in the past year. In the upcoming months, Sui Network along with Arbitrum are rumored to plan big airdrops too. 

Participate in referral programs

Referral programs are an easy way to earn cryptocurrencies without investing capital. Referral programs reward individuals for referring new users to a platform or service. For example, most cryptocurrency exchanges offer referral programs that reward individuals with a percentage of their referral’s trading fees. 

Usually, each crypto exchange has its affiliate/referral program, including Binance, Coinbase, and many others. Moreover, referral programs are an excellent way to learn about different cryptocurrency exchanges and services.

Participate in faucets

Faucets are websites or applications that reward users with small amounts of cryptocurrencies for completing simple tasks such as solving captchas or playing games. Although the rewards for faucets are typically low, they offer a fun and easy way to earn cryptocurrencies without any capital investment. 

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Furthermore, faucets can be an excellent way to learn about different cryptocurrencies and their ecosystems. For instance, Cointiply pays its users in satoshis (BTC) for viewing ads. There are tons of other similar websites, but the expectations shouldn’t be that high as the easiest way to earn crypto is in learn & earn programs. 


Learning about cryptocurrencies can be an exciting and rewarding experience, and there are many ways to earn cryptocurrencies without investing any capital. 

It is very recommended for people who are just starting out to try how things work without investing. The aforementioned methods offer an opportunity to learn about different cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects, while also earning some cryptocurrency rewards.

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